I am a customer and would like to bill

If invoices are available*, just send us your company details.

To do so, log in and follow these steps:

  1. Select the 'Bililng' option and then the 'Invoices' tab.
  2. Click on 'Start' and enter your company details.
  3. Click on 'Confirm'.

After completing this process, you will receive your invoices on the first day of each month. In addition, if you need invoices for journeys made, before including the tax details you must request them through the Help Centre. If you are a Cabify for business user, you can receive invoices every 7 or 15 days. To do this, contact your Cabify account administrator.

*Availability of invoices depends on the country in which you are registered. We recommend that you take a look at the additional regional information in the article "Can I receive invoices in my email" to see if this service is available in your country.

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