Request a ride for another user

Within the main 'Request a ride' window you will see that at the top there are three options: 'For me', 'For another user' and 'For a guest'. Click on the second option ('For another user') to request a journey for another user that is added to your corporate account. Once you have selected that option, follow these steps to order a journey: 

  1. Enter the user's name. When you select this option, you will see a list of several usernames already added to your account. 
  2. Add pick up and drop off points. In the fields 'Where are we going to look for it' and 'Where do you want to go', respectively.
  3. Enter a reason for your journey. If your company has requested it, enter it in the corresponding field ('Add a reason for this journey'). 
  4. Choose whether you want the journey now or for later. If it is a reservation, you will have to add the day and time. 
  5. Select the category of the vehicle. In addition, next to the name of that category, you will see the estimated time it will take the driver to get to the pick up point.
  6. If you want, write a message to the driver. This is not a required field, but you can send the driver any specification you want.
  7. Check the final price and click on 'Order a ride' and that's it! A car with driver will pick up the user at the place you indicated.


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