How the price of a journey is calculated

The price we show you once you enter the pick up and drop off points is calculated at the time of order and taking into account the following factors:

Please note that if you choose the Taxi category, the fare will be calculated using the taximeter and according to the rules of the city where you are travelling

  1. Price per kilometer: we calculate the fastest route from your pick up point to your destination.
  2. Price per minute: we calculate the total travel time based on the real-time traffic forecast.
  3. Service, safety and sustainability fee: charge calculated with respect to the total journey.
  • Additional costs: if applicable, additional costs/costs may be added due to high demand - in order to ensure greater availability of vehicles - and/or tolls included in the route.

At the end of the journey, other additional costs chosen by the user may apply such as intermediate stops (calculated according to the fastest distance between each stop), waiting times, tolls not foreseen on the initial route or child seats not included in the price.

To find out the prices that apply in your city, visit our 'Fares' page and select your country and city.

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