What is Cabify Envíos

Cabify Envíos (‘Envíos by PyL' in Spain) is a category within our platform that allows you to order delivery or collection of essential items for your employees or customers. The drivers will be responsible for transporting your package from one place to another in the city.

This service is only designed to transport objects inside the trunk of the vehicle, fully respecting current recommendations on personal distance to prevent the spread of COVID 19. That’s why it’s not possible to travel together with the object you want to send. If you have to make an essential journey, you can use the corresponding category for it.


Order Cabify Envíos

Login to our platform and follow these steps to order this service:

  1. Within 'Order a journey', select the option 'Cabify Envíos'. 
  2. Enter the necessary info, such as the name of the recipient and their telephone number, where we need to pick up the package and where we should take it. 
  3. If you want, write a message to the driver in the section 'Additional message', to give more information about the package.
  4. Click on 'Order Now'. 
  5. When the driver arrives at the point of origin, remember to check the license plate number and photo of the driver. The driver will also open the trunk so that you can leave your item. The driver will never come into contact with it..
  6. Share your journey in real time with the person who will receive the delivery so that they know when to meet the driver and pick up the package themselves.


Who are the deliverers and types of vehicles?

The delivery drivers in this category are drivers who use the Cabify app. 

Deliveries will be made using the drivers' usual vehicles.


Cities where the service is available


  • Argentina: Buenos Aires.
  • Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Campinas, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Santos and São Paulo.
  • Chile: Santiago.
  • Ecuador: Guayaquil, Quito.
  • Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puebla, Queretaro.
  • Peru: Lima. 
  • Spain: Madrid.


Price and VAT

The price of 'Cabify Envíos' is not modified from the standard Cabify service. We remind you that, once you enter the necessary info when ordering the trip, we will show you the price of the trip.

Cabify Envíos journeys have the following IVA included: 
















You can make a reservation for this service, unless operational restrictions prevent us from confirming it. To do so, log on to the web platform and go to the 'order a journey' section. Once there, follow these steps:

  1. Within 'order a journey', select the option 'Cabify Envíos'. 
  2. Enter the necessary info, such as the name of the recipient, their phone number, the pick up point and the drop off point.
  3. In the option 'When?' select the option 'Reserve'. And don't forget to fill in the day and time. 
  4. If you want, write a message to the driver in the section 'message to the driver', as information about the package you are going to transport.

And that's all! A car with a driver will arrive at the place and time you indicated. 


Package sizes

Please note that all items will be transported in the trunk of the driver's car, so that’s the maximum capacity.

  • Spain: The size limit for Envíos is a maximum of 85x95x50 cm and a volume of 341 litres maximum.
  •  Peru: The limit of the size of the Envíos is a maximum of 70x80x50 cm and a volume of 240 litres maximum.


Payment methods for Cabify Envíos

This category is only available for debit, credit or PayPal card payments. This way we respect 100% the interpersonal distance recommendations and avoid spreading COVID 19.. 

Types of items that can be transported

This service is designed to transport basic necessities such as food, medicine or similar. Under no circumstances should it be used for:

  • Prohibited goods 
  • Animals
  • Suspicious merchandise 
  • Goods declared dangerous (corrosive liquid, flammable material, etc.)
  • Unpackaged food products


Driver waiting time 

The driver will wait a maximum of 10 minutes at both the collection and delivery points. If nobody shows up at the indicated place within that time, the driver will call the recipient or, if they don’t have that information, they will contact the user who ordered the service. If delivery is not possible, they will edit the destination address, remove the pause and return to the origin address delivering the package to the person who made the delivery, with the corresponding surcharge for change of route.

How to know if the package has arrived successfully 

Once the receiver picks up the package, the driver will mark the delivery as completed.


How does the recipient know that the driver arrived at the delivery point

The user who has requested the delivery can share the journey in real time. 

The delivery did not arrive at its destination

In that case, report an incidence following the usual steps.

Cabify Envíos Security Measures

For safety reasons, the driver will never touch the object, it will be placed and removed by the sender and recipient. In addition, drivers follow specific guidelines to sanitize the vehicle.

In which cases the driver can refuse to make a delivery

If the driver suspects that the package does not meet the requirements specified in the terms and conditions, they may refuse to make the delivery.

Invoice generation for Cabify deliveries

  • Spain: If this category has been used in the same billing period and you have also travelled with the standard service, a different invoice will be generated for each type of service.
  • México: Cabify Envíos services are not billed separately, but will be integrated within the same invoice for 'Transfer Intermediation Services'.


How to see these journeys in my invoice reports

In the journey report attached to the invoice, they will be differentiated with the legend 'Cabify Envíos'.

What happens if something is lost en route

Cabify will not be responsible for the loss or misplacement of personal items in the vehicles. If you have forgotten an item, please refer to our article on how to recover your lost items.

Security measures to prevent loss of items

We have enabled this category for drivers with the best qualifications and who have a lot of experience driving with us. However, for your safety and that of your objects, we recommend you not to transport objects that have a high economic value. 

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