Introduction and API access


What is an API

The acronym API stands for 'Application Programming Interface'. But what is an API? Well, a way in which two applications or services communicate with each other. 

At Cabify we offer an API to synchronize any Enterprise Resource Planning System you have (also known as ERPs) with your Cabify Empresas account. Once integrated, you'll have access to billing, user management, real-time charge codes, and automate and synchronize any changes to our platform with your system, and vice versa. 

Benefits of Cabify's API 

Integration with Cabify's API will allow you to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Improved team productivity.
  • Savings in costs and processes.
  • Cost control.
  • Control of personnel.
  • Centralized management.

Actions permitted by our API


  1. Read users: obtain the list of activated and deactivated users who are registered in Cabify.
  2. Search users: find the user by email or by ID.
  3. Deactivate/activate users: deactivate the Cabify account of any employee.
  4. Create users: create the account in Cabify for a new employee.
  5. Change data: such as name, surname, charge code, etc.


  1. Create labels: in case you want your colleagues to include the project they are travelling for.
  2. Read tags: get the list of all the charge codes or projects created in the account.
  3. Activate/Deactivate: find the tag of interest and deactivate or activate it. For example, if you close a project and you no longer want your employees to be able to charge on it when they travel. 


  1. Read receipts from an employee: get the list of receipts between two dates for a particular employee.
  2. Read entire customer receipts: get the listing of receipts between two dates for all employees.
  3. Read journey receipt: If the customer wishes, they can consult the receipt (and corrections) of a particular journey.


Another part of our API is designed to estimate journey prices or create journeys from the application itself. This part of the API can be useful for customers who are developing their own application or for their end customer in travel management. The actions you can make related to journeys are: 

  1. Obtain the estimate for an immediate journey and a reservation: obtain the price by vehicle category, distance and estimated time of arrival for an immediate journey or reservation by entering the pick up and drop off points.
  2. Request an immediate journey or reservation for an employee: by entering the pick up and drop off points. 
  3. Request a journey for an external user - and even one who does not have a Cabify account. In this case, you would need a valid name and telephone number.
  4. Cancel a journey: Allows you to cancel a new journey in progress or a reservation by providing the journey ID.
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